A word from the artistic direction

The singular vehicle that is Lorganisme is now seven years old. It was born from the conviction that the single-choreographer organizational model needed to be rethought in a context where the drying up of art funding continues, and, even with the increase of choreographers and talent, support remains frozen. This ongoing dry spell is not strictly a matter of balancing the books: it affects us on a day-to-day basis and has driven us to call upon our last resources. In an era when time for creation is sacrificed to administrative duties, and competitiveness eats away at us and isolates us, we had to imagine a zone of re-enchantment, where other artists would become catalysts again instead of competitors, a space in which the strength of all of us would act as a springboard to inspire each one of us. Lorganisme’s raison d’être is to build up a solidarity that lightens and propels us, ensuring the sustainability and longevity of our practices while enabling each creator to develop a distinct territory and uniqueness. To ensure that creation again becomes the artist’s primary activity and concern, as it should be.

© Caroline Desilets