Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

The artistic language of Caroline Laurin-Beaucage is crystallized in the body and in movement, but also draws from theoretical concepts. Fascinated by biomechanics, neurology, and human anatomy, she focuses on sensible phenomena and intangible physical systems and principles, like gravity, and the way these can affect and shape the deployment of choreographic writing.

In appropriating immaterial manifestations and transposing them into dance, Caroline has developed a stripped-down, demanding vocabulary inextricably linked to matter, temporality, and spatiality. While broaching the notions of memory, cycle, and repetition, she circumscribes the gestural in a moment, a space, and a territory, or around carefully chosen scenographic elements (lighting, video projections, and stage accessories). Like compulsory figures, these dimensions, environments, and objects – with which bodies are in a perpetual struggle – come to constrain, structure, and regulate the composition of the choreography and the dramaturgy.

Carnal incarnations of hidden worlds and systems, her performances and installations convey the core of
humanity, allowing both raw instinct and sensibility to come to the fore. In a substantial, uncompromising
dance of concise, rigorously chiselled minimalist lines, her works embody the imperceptible, the emotions, and interiority.

© Caroline Desilets